Todd Sulchek, PhD


Todd Sulchek, PhD

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Sulchek's research focuses primarily on the measurement and prediction of how multiple individual biological bonds produce a coordinated function within molecular and cellular systems.

Bioengineering and MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS): Atomic force microscopy, multivalency, pathogen adhesion and endocytosis, cell biomechanics, single molecule biophysics, drug delivery and targeting, cell membrane mimetics, biosensors.

Development of a new class of antimicrobial agent that effectively stimulates the innate immune response in a controlled and selective manner. A bifunctional Janus micro/nanobead displaying a high density of targeting antibodies on one hemisphere and a high density of Fc fragments on the other hemisphere will be constructed and tested as proof of principle. The hemisphere displaying the targeting antibodies will bind tightly to a pathogen of interest due to highly multivalent interactions, even if the antibodies bind with low affinity individually. The hemisphere coated in Fc molecules will both directly juxtapose the microbial target with immune cells expressing Fc receptors and activate the complement system, an efficient and essential activator and regulator of the innate immune system.

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